Orthodontic Solutions For The Whole Family

At Leiker Orthodontics, we are committed to straightening out the bothersome (and potentially unhealthy) situation in your mouth. Whether you suffer from overcrowding, crookedness, or gaps, we can set you up with an orthodontic treatment that is just right for you, regardless of your age or background. In addition to conventional braces, we ...

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Our Mother’s Day Contest Winner Has Many Reasons To Smile

Hello and welcome to the online home of Leiker Orthodontics! We are the one place where you can confidently turn your troubled teeth into a gorgeous grin. If you have been following us already, you may remember that, in recent weeks, Dr. Leiker was running a fun Facebook contest for friends of the practice, in honor of Mother's Day. We would ...

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Straight Talk From Invisalign

At our Texas-based orthodontics office (with locations in Conroe and The Woodlands), we have more than one way to deliver a healthier, better-looking smile. That’s why we’d like you to check out today’s video clip to see what Invisalign clear aligners can do for you, and also to hear why addressing your orthodontic issues is so important to ...

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Caring For Your Smile Is Easy While Wearing Braces!

Everyone deserves to have a healthier, better-looking smile. And all of us want those things for our kids, especially. That’s where we come in. But even after a family has decided to move forward with braces, there are still a million questions that arise. Today, we wanted to explore a common query: how do you take care of teeth that are ...

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Invisalign Works For Teens Too!

Welcome to the online home of Leiker Orthodontics. If you have a teen in need of a smile-enhancing, health-promoting orthodontic treatment, you are probably exploring all of the available options for braces. Before you commit to anything anywhere else, you might be interested to know that at our Texas office, we have some great alternative ...

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What Is Orthodontics All About?

The goal of orthodontics is to straighten and align teeth, improving your health and appearance in the process. Learn more about how orthodontics can help with the proper alignment and placement of your teeth by watching today’s video link from the American Dental Association. When you are finished, be sure to schedule your consultation with Dr. ...

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Discover The Advantages Of Orthodontic Treatment

At Leiker Orthodontics, our goal is a noble one: to correct any misalignment of your teeth and jaws so that you can communicate more clearly, eat more effectively, and smile more confidently. We have found that orthodontic treatment leads to a better self-esteem and a healthier mouth. You see, crooked teeth are always going to be harder to keep ...

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An Orthodontic Scholarship Program And More

Dr. Leiker remains committed to helping you and your children straighten out your challenging orthodontic issues. That’s why Leiker Orthodontics has convenient locations in The Woodlands and Conroe, TX, each offering a wide array of easy and effective solutions. You see, we believe that the value of achieving a healthier, better-looking smile ...

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More Good News About Invisalign [VIDEO]

At our Texas office (with locations in Conroe and The Woodlands), we know full well that orthodontic improvements can carry over into just about every other aspect of life. That’s why Dr. Leiker is happy to be able to address your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth with a variety of treatment options including the forward-looking solution known ...

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Boost Your Health & Appearance With Invisalign

For any of you adults out there who might still be plagued with certain orthodontic issues, we have some encouraging news for you: it’s not too late to do something about it, even if your teen years are only a blurry memory. Dr. Leiker is highly skilled at transforming smiles for our grown-up patients, and boosting oral health in the process. ...

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