Is My Child Old Enough for Invisalign?

After first making an appearance in the late 1990s, Invisalign treatments instantly became a popular choice in orthodontics. For adults especially, Invisalign is now the preferred way to straighten a crooked or crowded looking smile. Many grown men and women who thought they were too old for braces can now get the same results that braces deliver, ...

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10 Reasons to Use an Orthodontist over a Dentist

One thing is certain when shopping for braces providers: you are not likely to run out of options. With dozens of doctors offering orthodontic treatment, how do you know which one is right for you and your family? After all, you want to make sure you are receiving the highest level of care for your loved ones. According to the American ...

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Is Invisalign Right for Everyone?

If you’ve lived with a crooked smile for most of your life, Invisalign© may seem like a dream come true. This system lets you correct your smile without having to wear those awkward metal braces that limit your food choices and make you look like a little kid again. You can even take them out for photographs and special occasions! It’s ...

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Before and After Braces: What to Expect

Are you considering orthodontic treatment, and you’re not sure exactly what to expect? Are you curious to know how your smile will look when your braces come off? Correcting your smile’s misalignment can be an investment. However, when you have an understanding of what it can do for your confidence and your oral health, you will begin to ...

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Express Your Individuality with Custom Braces Colors in The Woodlands & Conroe

Orthodontics is a normal part of life for many patients. While you may be anticipating the day you finally get your braces off, there are lots of ways to make the process fun in the meantime. Why not customize the appearance of your smile by choosing custom braces colors? Show your school spirit, color-coordinate with your favorite outfit, or ...

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Braces Are a Family Affair! [video]

After being told by a dentist and three orthodontists that his very young daughter needed to have several teeth surgically removed, Fred brought her to us. We not only corrected both his daughters’ orthodontic issues without removing teeth, we gave Fred the straight, stunning smile he’s always wanted. He is thrilled with the results, and ...

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Braces Aren’t Just for Kids!

Not so long ago, people who wanted to correct a crooked, crowded, or misaligned smile didn’t have much choice in terms of orthodontics. Shiny metal braces were attached to the fronts of the teeth, clearly visible every time the person opened his or her mouth. So perhaps it’s not surprising that braces were largely the domain of teenagers. ...

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Dr. Leiker Explains Invisalign [video]

Several years ago, Dr. Leiker didn’t offer Invisalign because its benefits were limited to people with very minor orthodontic problems. But today’s Invisalign is much more powerful and appropriate for patients with a wider range of issues. Dr. Leiker has not only become a fan, but he completed the Invisalign Master’s Training ...

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What to Eat (and Not Eat) with Braces

Getting braces on your teeth is a big change in a lot of ways. Even looking at yourself in the mirror can be a shock! You have to learn how to speak clearly, clean underneath all those brackets and wires, and then there’s the whole issue of eating. Gone — or at least put on hold — are the days of eating whatever you want, whenever you ...

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Do You Have a Bad Bite? [quiz]

Bad bite, or malocclusion, is when your upper and lower teeth don’t line up correctly or are crooked. Underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites are all types of malocclusion. Left untreated, a bad bite can result in a range of unpleasant symptoms. To book an appointment at Leiker Orthodontics of The Woodlands and Conroe, TX, call ...

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