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The Benefits of Early Orthodontics [infographic]

The old conventional wisdom that kids should should begin orthodontic treatment in their teenage years doesn’t hold true in all cases anymore. In fact, we suggest children visit our office for their first screening at age 7. If you live in or around The Woodlands or Conroe, TX, call Leiker Orthodontics at (832) 510-6678. You may also request ...

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Mary Ann Loves Her New Smile! [video]

Mary Ann had an overbite that made her unhappy with her smile. She opted for treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, and has been thrilled with the experience and results. “No one knew I was wearing braces. I didn’t have to worry about it.” To schedule a consultation with Leiker Orthodontics of The Woodlands and Conroe, TX, call ...

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Early Treatment Gets Ahead of Orthodontic Problems [video]

There are many benefits to early orthodontic treatment. In this video, Dr. Brad Leiker explains how, by correcting certain issues when his patients are young, he can help prevent more serious problems down the road. You may schedule a consultation at Leiker Orthodontics — with offices in The Woodlands and Conroe, TX — by filling out our web ...

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Lingual Braces Work Like Magic! [infographic]

Maybe you are unhappy with your crooked, misaligned, or uneven smile, but the thought of spending years with visible braces on your teeth is holding you back from seeking treatment. Lingual braces do all the hard work of traditional braces, but they are mounted to the backs of teeth, keeping them out of view. To schedule a consultation with Leiker ...

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What is Malocclusion? [video]

If your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, you may end up with bite problems, TMJ pain, and other consequences. In this informative video, Dr. Brad Leiker discusses malocclusion, why it’s important to fix it, and the malocclusion treatments he offers at Leiker Orthodontics. To schedule a consultation at one of our offices ...

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It’s An Orthodontic Emergency!

A wire's come loose. A bracket is falling off. Something is poking the inside of your cheek. (Ouch!) First of all, don’t worry and don’t panic if you experience an orthodontic emergency. At Leiker Orthodontics of The Woodlands and Conroe, TX, we are available for all of our patients. If you believe you need to see us right away, call (832) ...

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We Transformed Natasha’s Smile [video]

When Natasha first came to Leiker Orthodontics, she had severely crooked teeth and an overbite that made her embarrassed to smile. Today, she loves smiling with her straight, perfectly aligned teeth. If you live near The Woodlands or Conroe, TX, call Leiker Orthodontics for a consultation at (832) 510-6678. We also offer a convenient web ...

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Orthodontics: Can You Afford To Not Fix Your Smile?

If you’ve lived with crooked or misaligned teeth your entire life, perhaps you’ve always assumed that orthodontic treatments are out of reach for you, that you just can’t afford them. Let’s turn that around. Can you afford to not fix your smile? While you may think that fixing your teeth is merely a cosmetic procedure, those ...

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Fix Your Smile Secretly with Lingual Braces [video]

Michelle C. held off on getting orthodontic help because she was apprehensive about having metal braces attached to the front of her teeth. Then she saw an ad for lingual braces at Leiker Orthodontics. She couldn’t be happier with her braces or her experience at Leiker Orthodontics of The Woodlands and Conroe, TX. “Before, I never wanted ...

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Am I a Good Candidate for Braces? [quiz]

Braces are no longer just for teenagers. These days, more and more adults are opting to straighten their teeth and get the smile they’ve always wanted. And no wonder. Modern orthodontic products include braces that are completely invisible to everyone you meet. Take this quiz, then call Leiker Orthodontics of The Woodlands and Conroe, TX at ...

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