Three Reasons Teens May Want To Try Invisalign

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It’s not exactly a surprise to see a teenager wearing braces. For many families, braces are basically a rite of passage. It’s just part of growing up.

But braces aren’t your only option when it comes to orthodontic treatment. At Leiker Orthodontics, we have seen that Invisalign® can be as effective as braces for many patients, and for some, Invisalign may even be the better option.

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Until then, consider these three reasons why your teen may prefer Invisalign for his or her orthodontic care.


Reason 1: Invisalign Is Comfortable

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you wore braces when you were younger. If you did, then we feel confident that you probably remember the pain that came with wearing them.

It’s hard to explain to someone else what it’s like to feel the pressure of something pulling and pushing your teeth constantly. It’s certainly more noticeable on the days after your braces are tightened, too.

But that’s not the only way braces can be uncomfortable. Some people find that the brackets on their teeth can scratch the soft tissues on the inside of their mouths. If these brackets break loose or the wire breaks, they also had the potential to scratch or poke your lips, cheeks, and gums. Hopefully, that didn’t happen to you.


Reason 2: Invisalign Is Convenient

If you had braces, try to remember your day-to-day experience during your treatment.

You probably had to give up eating some of your favorite foods. You may have grown tired of how you had to be so deliberate about brushing and flossing every time you ate.

And of course, you couldn’t take your braces off until your treatment was complete.

One of the big advantages of Invisalign is that your teen can remove his or her aligners during meals. This can allow him or her to eat the foods that he or she wants to eat.

It’s still a good idea to brush and floss after meals and to clean the aligner as well, but these little breaks from wearing the aligners can make a big difference compared to the 24-7 nature of traditional braces.


Reason 3: We Try To Address Parents’ Concerns

At Leiker Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatment options because we want to find the right solution for every patient. Every patient is not a good candidate for Invisalign, and every good candidate for Invisalign may not be responsible enough to use this system.

We understand these could be a concern for parents, which is why we’ve taken steps to help ease some of your worries if you do decide to let your son or daughter try Invisalign.

We will replace lost aligners. As part of the Invisalign Teen system, you can have a limited number of aligners replaced at no cost. If you think your teen might exceed that limit, that may play a factor in what treatment you choose.

We can switch your teen to braces. One of the benefits of Invisalign is being able to remove it during meals. Removability is also one of the risks of using this system. If your teen doesn’t wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, he or she may not get the full benefits of have the aligners.

As with any orthodontic treatment, your son or daughter will need to visit us regularly so we can track his or her progress. If we see evidence that your teen isn’t wearing the aligners as often as he or she should, then we can switch to traditional metal braces at no additional cost to you.

We offer a guaranteed smile. Another concern with any orthodontic treatment is that a patient’s teeth can start to move back as they get older. This is less likely to happen because of Dr. Leiker’s decades of experience and his training in the Roth Technique.

At Leiker Orthodontics, we offer a guarantee. If this your teen’s teeth start to shift when he or she gets older, we’ll work with you to get his or her smile back in line.


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