There’s No Age Limit For Braces

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Have you lived your entire life embarrassed by your smile?

Do you experience discomfort while chewing food?

Did your teeth shift after having a tooth pulled?


Then you might be among the 75 percent of adults who need some type of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Brad Leiker is an orthodontist in The Woodlands and Conroe, TX area with more than 20 years of experience. Visit us to have a skilled professional build your treatment plan for a better smile. Our offices treat our patients using the latest in orthodontic technology and techniques. Dr. Leiker will take into account the look of your teeth as well as your bite when developing your treatment plan.


Adult Braces Aren’t Uncommon

People assume a lot about you based on your teeth. We all do it. Think about the celebrities you admire, the men or women you’ve been attracted to, or even the role models you admire at work. They probably all have the same thing in common when they smile: beautiful, straight teeth.


Many adults seek out the orthodontic treatment they didn’t receive as children so they can present themselves as polished and confident to the world. As long as you aren’t suffering from a limited list of health factors, you are an ideal candidate to fix your teeth at any age.


Almost half of all new orthodontic patients are adults. Before you think about a new car or an expensive vacation, consider if braces are the investment you should be making instead. Studies have shown that people who feel more confident do better at work and in social settings. And fixing your teeth is a known way to boost your confidence.


Benefits of Adult Braces

One of the main benefits of adult braces is improved appearance. Think about the boost in confidence you get when you’re wearing a new shirt. Now imagine getting that same boost every morning when you look into the mirror and see your new, straight smile.


Beyond looks, adult braces can improve your bite. A bad bite can cause you to frequently bite the inside of your cheek, your lip, or your tongue. It can make chewing awkward and uncomfortable. And it can even cause issues in your jaw joint that can lead to headaches and muscle strain.


Even if you wore braces as a teen, you may have noticed your teeth have shifted. This could be because you didn’t wear your retainer or maybe you had dental work done that triggered this change. Either way, you can receive a braces touch-up treatment to move your teeth back into their corrected positions.


Types Of Braces For Adults

Dr. Leiker caters to adults by offering a variety of braces. Many adult patients are drawn to Invisalign. Invisalign braces are generally around the same cost as traditional metal braces and often require fewer visits to our office. With Invisalign, you’d wear clear trays over your teeth the majority of the day. The trays do the work of shifting your teeth into position without the obvious presence of braces. The trays are removable, so they have minimal interference with your lifestyle.


Dr. Leiker is the leader in Montgomery County of lingual braces. Orthodontists with additional training have the expertise required for lingual braces. Lingual braces are custom designed specifically for your needs. They adhere to the back side of your teeth so no ever sees them. The only thing anyone else will see are the results: a straighter smile.


Ceramic braces are made to imitate the natural shade and enamel of your teeth, so they’re far less noticeable than traditional metal braces. And instead of brackets, we use clips to accelerate your treatment. You can even get self-ligating metal braces, and traditional metal braces now have much smaller brackets and thinner wires than what you remember from your youth.


Braces For The Whole Family

Our office sees patients age 6 and older. So, if you have a child in need of early treatment or a teen that needs braces, you can all receive care from the same experienced orthodontist. We have a brand-new headquarters in The Woodlands, TX near McCullough Junior High or you’re welcome to visit our office in Conroe, TX. At either location, you’ll be greeted by our warm, caring team.


Don’t let crooked teeth drag you down day after day, decade after decade. Do something great for yourself and fix your smile! Call us at 832-510-6678 or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.