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The Functional Occlusion Approach to Orthodontics

Dr. Brad Leiker of Leiker Orthodontics routinely examines the latest developments in orthodontic treatments to determine which treatment options benefit the patient to warrant their cost. We find this necessary to protect our patients from cost-raising, “gimmick” treatments. Every option offered by your Conroe & Woodlands orthodontist, including Invisalign, metal & ceramic braces, and the ROTH orthodontic technique, are all tried and tested options that we have found to be effective. The ROTH orthodontic technique, in particular, has shown enormous benefits for patients. Dr. Brad Leiker is your jaw alignment specialist in The Woodlands.

Jaw Alignment Specialist in The Woodlands

What Makes The ROTH Technique Different?

Most orthodontic treatments don’t address how the teeth fit and function together, know as functional occlusion, when planning treatment and diagnosing problems. The ROTH technique evaluates the “true” position of the lower jaw and its functional occlusion in much greater detail in order to ensure that biting forces are correctly distributed throughout the mouth.

Why Is This Important?

Evaluating this before treatment ensures the health of:

  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Bones
  • TMJ’s (temporomandibular joints)
  • Tooth stability positions

Without assessing this positioning, the overall health of the bite can be misjudged. For example, teeth may fit together well in a bite, but the TMJ may deviate in order to do so. Demonstrated in Figure A, muscular programming may allow the teeth and gums to signal to the TMJ to deviate in order to adequately distribute biting force across as many teeth as possible (a safety feature of the teeth). The issue is that a deviated TMJ can lead to:

  • Muscular hypertension
  • TMJ headaches
  • Grinding of the teeth at night
  • Unstable tooth positions
  • Bone loss
  • And other dental problems

As shown in Figure B, if the TMJ positioning is “fixed,” then the teeth don’t fit well together, causing excessive biting forces on individual teeth. This force can lead to:

  • Bone loss around the teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Eventual tooth loss

As viewed above, if the ROTH technique isn’t used, a patient can experience problems later on that may require additional cost and treatments, even after their initial orthodontic therapy. By utilizing the ROTH technique, Dr. Leiker can ensure that not only is your smile straight, and your teeth fit together correctly, but also that your jaw is healthy and your teeth, gums, and bones have the healthiest environment possible.

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