Benefits of Early Treatment

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Your child should have his or her first orthodontic screening by the age of 7. If you don’t get your child the early orthodontic treatment they need, they could be in for far more extensive treatment once they’re older, not to mention the damaging effect to their self-esteem of living with crooked or crowded teeth.

We invite parents to make an appointment for their child’s first orthodontic exam at either our office in The Woodlands, TX or our Conroe, TX office. Dr. Brad Leiker has received specialized training for treating your young ones.

Why early orthodontic treatment?

Early treatment benefits from the fact that your child’s bones are still growing and changing. A children’s orthodontist like Dr. Brad Leiker can help shape this growth. By their 7th birthday, enough of your child’s adult teeth have come in for Dr. Brad Leiker to have a good understanding of what issues might arise so that he can help guide additional adult teeth into a favorable position as they emerge.

Can all issues be fixed by early treatment?

Early treatment will lessen the severity of your child’s future orthodontic needs. It can help with overcrowding, protruding teeth, facial balance, and abnormal bites as well as prevent permanent tooth extraction. You will also have an established relationship with our The Woodlands, TX orthodontist who can observe your child’s tooth and jaw growth and recommend the best time for treatment.

Will my child be singled out for wearing braces?

You probably think of teenagers when you think of braces, but it’s not uncommon to see younger kids with braces. Your child likely has several friends whose parents sought out early treatment to shorten the amount of time their child will need to wear braces in the future. Sometimes, we may recommend other orthodontic treatments first, such as palatal expanders.

There are many things in life you can’t protect your children from, but you can protect them from the stigma of bad teeth. But what if you’ve already waited too long? You can still bring your child in for an exam, and we will come up with a comprehensive plan for their treatment. Schedule an appointment with The Woodlands, TX orthodontist by calling 281-298-9434, or you can use our convenient online form.

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