Pediatric Orthodontics

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Experts say your child should have enough of their adult teeth in to have their first orthodontic exam around the age of 7. With pediatric orthodontics, Dr. Brad Leiker calms your concerns about your child’s teeth by assuring you everything looks fine or by creating a plan for early treatment.

While all orthodontists are trained to see patients of all ages, Dr. Brad Leiker, one of the best pediatric dentists in the woodlands has completed advanced training focused on pediatric orthodontics and that’s children 6 to 10 years old. You and your child are welcome to visit us at our office in The Woodlands 77381 and Conroe 77304, TX.

Braces Before and After

Why does my kid need early early orthodontic treatment?

Overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, protruding teeth — there are almost as many reasons for why your child might need to see a children’s orthodontist as there are teeth in their mouth! But the major reason is because you’re the type of parent who doesn’t want your child to suffer from damaged self-esteem because they didn’t get the early treatment they so needed. Early treatment can get your child better results and save them from enduring more serious problems later on in life.

Will my kid’s braces hurt?

Braces might be uncomfortable at times, but that’s because braces use pressure to adjust the position of your child’s teeth. You can give your child an over-the-counter pain pill if needed.

If your child has a bracket or wire that’s bothering them, be sure to visit us right away.

What happens at the first visit?

You’ll meet our staff and tour our office, and Dr. Brad Leiker will give your child a thorough exam and discuss treatment for any issues he finds. Treatment doesn’t begin right away in all cases; it varies by child.

Don’t let jaw and teeth problems deform your child’s appearance. Call our The Woodlands, TX orthodontist at 281-298-9434 or use our convenient online form to schedule an exam — they’ll thank you for it when they’re older!

Patient Experience

Watch this video to see what your first appointment will be like at Leiker Orthodontics!

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