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At Leiker Orthodontics, we are committed to straightening out the bothersome (and potentially unhealthy) situation in your mouth. Whether you suffer from overcrowding, crookedness, or gaps, we can set you up with an orthodontic treatment that is just right for you, regardless of your age or background.

In addition to conventional braces, we offer Invisalign clear aligners, preventive pediatric orthodontics, and other such services. Keep reading to hear more about the possibilities, and then be sure to follow up and schedule your consultation appointment at either of our Texas locations. You’ll be glad you did!


If you are hoping to avoid metal brackets and wires, you’ll be happy to know that Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners (that are switched out by you at home every two weeks) to create even, comfortable shifting of teeth. Since they are constructed from a plastic material, Invisalign aligners do not cause the rubbing, cutting, poking, or bleeding often experienced when wearing classic braces. Here’s the best part: the aligners are also completely removable! You can them out to eat, drink, clean your teeth, or for snapping selfies. Because they are clear, you can fly under the radar. There won’t be any weird tools or dietary restrictions involved. And the treatment can be completed in a matter of months, depending on the state of affairs in your mouth when we get started.

Preventive Pediatric Orthodontics

We can’t say this enough: the foundation for a straight, healthy smile begins at a young age. Preventive orthodontics, or Phase I orthodontics, are used to prepare your child for braces. As it happens, Phase I orthodontics can be implemented around the age of 8 or 9, before all of your child’s permanent teeth have fully developed. We can use space maintainers and other oral appliances to create space or otherwise alter your child’s jaw in preparation for later orthodontic treatment. This helps to ensure the success of Phase II treatment (or eliminate the need for it). Early treatment can get your child better results and save them from enduring more serious problems later on in life. Trust us, it is worth it!

Malocclusion Treatment

Malocclusion, or bad bite, is when your upper and lower teeth don’t line up right or your teeth are crooked. Malocclusion includes underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites. It can be caused by genetic factors or as the culmination of bad habits. Either way, Dr. Leiker can provide malocclusion treatment that is easy and effective.

We have found that in many cases, a palatal expander can create more room along your jaw for your teeth. It is simple enough and we’ll teach you how to adjust your expander before you leave the office.

A trans-palatal expander can also be used to treat this condition. It allows you to adjust the position of your molars and/or the width of your arch. The appliance hooks into your mouth around your upper molars.

Another option would be forsus springs that are designed to correct your overbite. You can’t remove the springs yourself, and you will likely wear them 6-8 months for the best results.

Here’s why it matters: a bad bite won’t look great but worse than that it often leads to TMJ-related troubles like teeth grinding (bruxism) and headaches. The good news is that once we know for sure what is going on, Dr. Leiker can utilize his tools, training, and experience (including the Roth Technique) to bring your jaw back into proper alignment!

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