Why You Need a Dentist for Clear Aligner Treatments

clear aligners

Clear aligner orthodontic treatments are extremely popular nowadays. Who wouldn’t prefer not having to wear braces if you can avoid it? However, there are now several companies who will send you aligners by mail without a supervising dentist/orthodontist to examine you and monitor your treatment. These companies use the allure of a lower price point to attract consumers who want to straighten their teeth. There are several reasons why this isn’t a good idea! The value of having a dentist or orthodontist guide and oversee your treatment is irreplaceable. Beyond basic diagnostics and on-going monitoring, you also need regular contact with an oral health specialist to make sure you aren’t harming your oral health during treatment.

Only a Doctor Can Assess Your Candidacy

It’s an inescapable truth that aligner treatments aren’t appropriate for everyone. They are limited in their ability to correct severe bite issues, rotate teeth, and correct other specific malocclusion issues. Your doctor needs to review x-rays and scans and consider your oral health history before determining which type of treatments are appropriate for you. If the only information a “remote dentist” has access to is a patient-administered bite impression, they will not be seeing the whole picture. Furthermore, if a company aims to sell you aligner treatments by mail, they may be more likely to approve everyone on general principle in order to make money. This can ultimately do more harm than good.

Beyond that, you need a face-to-face dental examination to make sure you have no unresolved oral health concerns before starting a course of aligner treatments. If you have unnoticed decay, gum disease, or enamel demineralization, the aligners may exacerbate this condition. You could end up with a severe decline on oral health as a result of dentist-free, direct-to-consumer aligners.

A Doctor Provides Essential Monitoring of Treatment

When you undergo a course of Invisalign, Dr. Bradley Leiker is there with you every step of the way. He periodically monitors your treatment plan, checks the health of your teeth and gums, and helps you understand any possible issues that may be causing you concern. Direct-to-consumer models leave you at the mercy of customer service representatives that will likely have no specialized knowledge of orthodontics.

If you research aligner-by-mail clubs, you’ll see a number of patient reviews that detail new problems that come up after months of treatment. Since they do not have the benefit of face-to-face contact with a specialist, any problems with the movement of teeth will not be caught until they are visibly noticeable. This can result in a two steps forward/two steps back scenario. If your aligners cause new problems, you may have to start treatment all over again. This can waste your time and money.

Trust a Doctor with Specialized Training

The bottom line is that dentists and orthodontist spend years learning all the intricacies and subtleties of orthodontic care. Undergoing orthodontic treatments without a doctor’s specialized knowledge denies you the ability to protect your teeth long-term. Dentist-free aligners by mail may seem like a great value, but they have the potential to cause serious damage to your oral health, even years after the fact. You need face-to-face contact with a doctor at all stages of treatment to make sure you aren’t doing more harm than good.

Don’t Let Bargain Prices Lead to Bad Decisions – Ask About Our Financing Options!

Contact Leiker Orthodontics if you are interested in learning more about aligner treatments. We have in-house financing options and work with your insurer to help you get the greatest coverage possible. There are so many things that can wrong with dentist-free orthodontic treatments, so you owe it to yourself to make sure your smile stays healthy and protected. Call our office in The Woodlands, TX at 281-298-9434 to learn more about safe, doctor-monitored aligner treatment.

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