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Teeth straightening The Woodlands, TX

Does your child have a smile only a mother could love? If you’re worried that your child’s crooked teeth or misaligned teeth might work against them in life, schedule an appointment with our office to put your worries at ease. Leiker Orthodontics offers superior dental services for teeth straightening The Woodlands, TX. Your child will benefit from the specialized training Dr. Brad Leiker has received in techniques for treating young children and his more than 20 years of experience fixing smiles in our community.

Is it too early to for my child to see an orthodontist?

Your child should have their first orthodontic screening right around the time they enter the first grade. An orthodontist might tell you your child’s teeth are coming in fine unassisted. Or, after examining your child’s adult teeth and taking a close look at their jaw, The Woodlands, TX orthodontist, Dr. Brad Leiker might have recommendations for early treatment to possibly prevent more extensive future orthodontic treatment.

What are the risks of delaying treatment?

Teeth that erupt at odd angles or are overcrowded make it harder for your child to practice good oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other health issues. A misaligned jaw can cause your child pain that could result in teeth grinding and TMJ disorder as they get older. You might also see your child’s confidence diminish as they realize their peers are judging them based on the appearance of their teeth.

What if my child is scared to see an orthodontist?

You’ll be able to tell from your very first phone call that our staff is caring and friendly. We see lots of kids and are experienced in putting them at ease during their visit to our office.

Give your child a healthy start in life by getting ahead of the curve on their orthodontic treatment. Schedule their first exam by calling our The Woodlands, TX orthodontist, Dr. Brad Leiker at 281-298-9434 or use our convenient online form.

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