Our Mother’s Day Contest Winner Has Many Reasons To Smile

Hello and welcome to the online home of Leiker Orthodontics! We are the one place where you can confidently turn your troubled teeth into a gorgeous grin.

If you have been following us already, you may remember that, in recent weeks, Dr. Leiker was running a fun Facebook contest for friends of the practice, in honor of Mother’s Day. We would like to say “thank you” to everyone who participated, and we are very pleased to report that a deserving Mom named Miranda won!

Miranda enjoys spending time with her family and looking after her kids, including making sure that they have everything they need to keep their mouths healthy and their smiles looking great. To her, that’s just part of the never-ending job a mother is entrusted to do. We are sure that many of you reading this can relate!

Miranda says that her daughter, like many of the other young patients we see, was very nervous before starting her custom-designed orthodontic treatment. Fortunately they soon found that our team as a whole made them all feel less anxious about the process and more confident about the results that would soon follow.

Miranda and her daughter are now both very excited to see the changes in her teeth thus far and they can’t wait to see the final transformation when the treatment wraps up. We are excited for them too. After all, we have seen firsthand how orthodontic improvements can spill over into virtually every other aspect of life, setting a youngster up for success as they continue to grow and evolve socially and professionally.

While it is true that children and young adults are the ones we see the most, we are big believers that it is never too late to change your life for the better through an orthodontic treatment. And in the modern era there are other great options for adults besides those classic metal braces that have dominated the field for decades.

Many folks in this community chose us as their partner for improving the health and appearance of their smiles because Dr. Leiker is the only orthodontist in Montgomery County with training in the Roth Technique. This is a big deal because by taking a closer look at the lower jaw, the Roth Technique ensures that your treatment will result in straight teeth with a proper, healthy bite.

What’s more, Dr. Leiker is the only orthodontist in these parts to have completed the Invisalign Masters Training program. This means that he can fine-tune your clear aligner orthodontic treatment for more accurate results in a shorter timeframe.

In the end, what we want you to realize is that our Texas office (with locations in Conroe and The Woodlands) is committed to creating happy endings for families like Miranda’s. And we would love to do the same for you!

We hope that you will continue to read our online platforms like this blog and our Facebook page. Who knows, maybe you’ll be our next prize recipient? But beyond that, we would love to get the chance to see your smiling face in-person sometime so that we can discuss the possibilities that exist for you and your loved ones. With an orthodontic treatment from us, you will get to be a big winner regardless of any future contests or promotions that we might run!

All you have to do to get started is contact us online to schedule your consultation. We’ll take care of the rest! Just so you know, we back up our treatment with a lifetime guarantee. No other area office can say that! So, what have you got to lose?