Discover The Advantages Of Orthodontic Treatment

Leiker Orthodontics Office - The Woodlands & Conroe, TX

At Leiker Orthodontics, our goal is a noble one: to correct any misalignment of your teeth and jaws so that you can communicate more clearly, eat more effectively, and smile more confidently.

We have found that orthodontic treatment leads to a better self-esteem and a healthier mouth. You see, crooked teeth are always going to be harder to keep clean, and as such, they pose a consistently higher risk of inviting decay and disease into your mouth. Another advantage is that this line of treatment also averts abnormal wear of teeth, preventing future dental problems down the road.

The self-image component has to do mainly with appearances. Everyone ought to be able to appreciate that. And fixing your teeth with braces improves the appearance of your entire face, not just your smile.

At our office, you’ll have a wide array of braces options not offered anywhere else in The Woodlands, TX area. Plus, you will have the comfort of knowing that you will be treated by a well-seasoned orthodontist, Dr. Brad Leiker. Keep reading to hear more about what we can do for you, and then be sure to schedule your consultation ASAP!

Professional Assessment Is Key

At our office, every patient is professionally assessed for current dental needs and an individualized list of treatment options is assembled. The initial exam is always informative and we do our best to outline the complete picture and plan of action to come.

Still, you should know upfront that a successful orthodontic outcome is never achieved by mere chance. It can only come as a result of the technical experience of your dental team, and it is only ensured if there is ongoing cooperation and patience from the patient.

Treatment completion can take anywhere from 6 to 30 months, so it is important that you and your family are 100% comfortable with our staff. But, don’t worry, we are easy to work with and through careful collaboration with our patients, we can usually accomplish great things. We manage all this largely by inserting sophisticated looking (and sounding) gadgets in your mouth and manipulating them to get the job done.

You’re Putting That In My Mouth?!

Orthodontic appliances are the devices that allow us to change the position of your jaw, move your teeth and hold your teeth in their finished positions after your braces are finally removed.

Here’s the breakdown on some common appliance terms and what they mean for you:

Bite plates: We use these in an effort to correct a deep bite, where the upper front teeth come down too far over the lower front teeth causing, you guessed it, bite problems.

Braces: Everyone knows, at least on some level, that braces straighten your teeth. Braces are actually attached to the teeth so, once in place, they are not easily removable.

These days there are multiple varieties of braces to choose from including clear braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, self ligating braces, invisible braces, metal braces.

Brackets, bands, and wires: These are all components that go along with traditional metal braces.

Holding arches: These devices prevent your back teeth from moving forward and crowding your front teeth (which definitely need their space!).

Lower lingual holding arches: These arches prevent your permanent molars from shifting forward and causing trouble.

Nance holding arches: These arches help maintain the space between teeth after you lose your baby teeth but before the permanent teeth come in.

Retainers: These devices are what gets used to hold your teeth in their finished position after you are done with braces.

Spacers: These are little plastic rings fitted between your back teeth before your braces are placed. Spacers, as the name suggests, create space between your teeth to optimize the alignment your braces can provide.

Get Started Today!

We hope that this information has been helpful. The amount of time spent in braces will vary depending on the patient’s individual needs. But every day you delay only adds another day to the amount of time it will take before you can enjoy the finished results of our orthodontic treatment options. So, contact us today to get started by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Leiker! We’ll give you plenty to smile about!