Caring For Your Smile Is Easy While Wearing Braces!

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Everyone deserves to have a healthier, better-looking smile. And all of us want those things for our kids, especially. That’s where we come in. But even after a family has decided to move forward with braces, there are still a million questions that arise. Today, we wanted to explore a common query: how do you take care of teeth that are attached to classic metal braces? Keep reading to hear our tips, and then be sure to call us at 832-510-6678. When you schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Leiker, he will be able to create a personal treatment plan that suits your current needs and budget!

Brushing Teeth With Braces!

Brushing is the least you can do for your smile. And that doesn’t change once you are in braces. Obviously, you should always use toothpaste when brushing your teeth. You can begin by brushing around the gumline, then tilt your toothbrush to get your bristles up under your brackets and wires. This is important.

It is probably a good idea to focus on one or two teeth at a time by using shorter strokes. But do what feels best for you.

Next, you can brush the area of teeth below your brackets and wires and where the underside of your brackets and wires are hiding out.

Here’s an important detail: never forget to repeat the entire process on your bottom row of teeth! Avoid white spots by making sure not to miss your lower gumline, and don’t forget to get the backsides of your teeth and the rest of your tooth surfaces, as well as your tongue. Your tongue can hang onto dangerous bacteria that causes bad breath and worse things in terms of oral health!

Flossing Teeth With Braces!

Brushing is only the beginning, and your home hygiene routine should never stop there. To keep gum disease and cavities at bay, you will want to find some dental floss and use it daily. If you are wearing braces, you can use a floss threader to get your floss beneath your wires so you can pull your floss through without too much trouble. Then remove the threader and floss your tooth as you normally would. Remove the floss and repeat with the next tooth. Simple enough, right?

Other Orthodontic Maintenance Issues

The gear you are wearing will change your life forever, for the better. But along the way the treatment process can be challenging. For example, many of our most-loved meals are the very foods we will have to steer clear of while wearing metal braces. All those bags of chips, boxes of candies, and bottles of soda pop are loaded with sugars and starches that create acid that is bad for your gums and teeth, especially while wearing braces. Too much sugar can cause permanent white spots after your braces are removed. Plus, sticky, hard, or crunchy snacks can damage your wires or brackets. That won’t be much fun to experience, we can assure you. Always keep your cleaning tools handy just in case anything goes awry. And you can ALWAYS call Dr. Leiker with any questions that come up.

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