The Benefits Of Early Orthodontics

Early Childhood Orthodontic Treatment | Leiker Orthodontics - The Woodlands & Conroe, TX

Some orthodontic conditions are just easier to correct if they’re addressed early. By age seven, your child’s mouth has grown enough for us to know how it will develop as their permanent teeth come in.

At Leiker Orthodontics in Woodlands, TX, we know how to identify bite issues in your child and what to do about them.

With early orthodontics intervention, Dr. Brad Leiker can:

  • Improve your child’s appearance
  • Correct bite problems like an open bite, crossbite or deep bite
  • Help guide the growth of the jaw to accommodate teeth that are still coming in
  • Create a more functional arrangement of teeth, lips, and face
  • Alleviate future dental correction
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence in your child

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