4 Tips For Getting Your Teen Through Braces

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In high school, your teen is developing and growing into an adult, which makes high school both a great time and a hard time for your child to wear braces.


While adults are one of the fastest growing groups of patients for braces, orthodontists will often recommend braces for your child during their pre-teen or teen years when their bones are not quite set and their teeth are easier to move into position. This also gives your child the opportunity to grow up without crooked teeth damaging their confidence.


Here are 4 tips to help your child get through their high school years in braces. Trust us, it’ll be well worth it when they get their braces off and flash you a flawless smile. Dr. Leiker and his team have seen it happen many times over the last two decades. Get your teen’s teeth on the path to perfection by visiting our office in The Woodlands, TX or our Conroe, TX location.



  • Educate your teen on the benefit of braces. If you sit down and talk to your teen about why braces are in their best interest, they’ll feel better about wearing them.


    • A great smile is a huge part of making a good first impression, and a great smile needs straight teeth.
    • Orthodontic treatment can actually change the appearance of your face for the better — say goodbye to weak chins and narrow jaws!
    • Wearing braces now means they could avoid a lifetime of oral health issues that come with a bad bite, like difficulty chewing, lisps, and teeth grinding.



  • Choose your teen’s braces together. Today your teen has many choices for braces. When your teen visits our office, Dr. Leiker will discuss which options are best-suited for your teen’s needs. Then together, you should decide with your teen which braces they will wear. This will empower them and make them more invested in their orthodontic treatment.



In addition to traditional metal braces, which are now thinner and smaller, we also offer:

    • Invisalign clear, removable braces. Invisalign will make it easy for your teen to still blend in with their peers and won’t interfere with activities like sports, modeling, and playing certain instruments. Dr. Leiker is a certified Invisalign Teen provider.
    • Dr. Leiker is the leading lingual braces orthodontist in Montgomery County. Lingual braces stay out of sight by adhering to the backside of your teen’s teeth.
    • Self-ligating braces use clips instead of brackets, so your teen’s treatment will zip right along.
    • Clear ceramic braces are designed to blend in with the color of your teeth. They also self-ligate for a shorter treatment time.



  • Teach your teen to care for their teeth and their braces. Improper care can result in slower treatment times, broken hardware, and reveal teeth that are damaged or decayed when your teen’s braces come off.


    • We will teach your teen how to brush and floss with braces, but we rely on moms and dads to reinforce the lessons at home. Help your teen keep their teeth healthy while they’re wearing braces by making sure they brush their teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day.
    • Make sure your teen isn’t eating foods that can damage their braces or their teeth beneath their braces. Soda drinking should be limited and sticky, crunchy foods avoided.
    • If your teen is wearing Invisalign, they want to wear their clear trays 20 or more hours a day to stay on the timeline outlined in their treatment plan. Most teens are pretty good about this. If your teen isn’t, we can get them in traditional braces at no additional cost. We also offer a limited number of replacement trays, so if your teen loses their Invisalign aligner, tell them to let us know right away. Otherwise, they might not say anything out of fear of getting in trouble and delay their treatment.



  • Talk to your teen about teasing. Tell your teen that if anyone is teasing them about braces, they can always come talk to you. Let your teen know that some kids are just bullies and if they’re weren’t teasing your teen about their braces, they’d find something else to pick on like their shoes or their hair. They should avoid these types of people and focus on developing close bonds with friends who support their desire to better themselves. These are the people they want smiling alongside them in their photos when they get their braces off!



Your family is ready to invest in your teen’s teeth, and our office is here to help! Reach either our The Woodlands, TX office or Conroe, TX office by calling 832-510-6678 or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment. And remember, we don’t just do braces for teens. We can also screen your little ones, 6 and older, to see if they’ll need braces like their big brother or sister, and we treat adults too.